Overview of Care and maintenance of the ozone aging test

Overview of Care and maintenance of the ozone aging test — e liquid nicotine

    In today’s society, market competition and product quality requirements, to promote the development of the ring test industry, the demand for ozone aging chamber is also growing, ring test industry also contributed to the improvement of material progress in the quality of products, is now our business has also been recognized that adaptive test products on the environment is an important means of improving product quality assessment, and test results is an important basis for improving the quality of products, and maintenance and maintenance of equipment is crucial, the following is care and maintenance methods.
       1, ozone aging chamber must operate if the designated person, custody and maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the device.

       2, Long-term use of the motor parts blowing means, wheel deceleration devices,

If abnormal noise and should be checked and cleaned regularly pay attention to refuel.

       3, the device if the manifold, the ozone generator power, must ensure that the valve is open all the way, or else get out of gas, will result in discharge burn.

       4, keep the tank clean appearance; prevent dust intrusion cabinet; After the test, the machine power off.

       Ozone aging test is to ensure that the essential part of high-quality products, and maintenance of equipment, enabling it to extend the life more conducive to product testing to ensure its quality.

Ecig Battery had become very popular in recent years, the fashion
In the United States, the electronic cigarette is very popular in recent years, annual sales of $ 400 million, is expected to exceed 10 years, cigarette consumption. Manufacturers claim that the electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional tobacco products, both to meet the needs of smokers smoke, and no damage to health.
1, had become the fashion
Earlier this year, the largest U.S. NJOY electronic cigarette company in a New York hotel sponsor a private party activities. Scene bristling a two-meter-tall electronic cigarette imitations, guests have posed for. During the meeting, they sip delicious caviar and cheese, while gracefully puff, smoking, of course, is the electronic cigarette.

Smoking electronic cigarette seems to have been regarded as a fashion New York smokers. A female guest said: “The benefits of smoking electronic cigarette that enjoy the pleasures of smoking without compromising the health.”

U.S. “Times” recently reported that sales of electronic cigarettes now, though, less than 1% of the U.S. 80 billion tobacco market, but strong growth in the past four years, doubling every year. American gothamist site reported that about 350 million people in the United States smoking electronic cigarette, annual sales reached $ 400 million. Some analysts predict that consumer electronics will exceed the cigarette smoke in 10 years.

Popular electronic cigarette tobacco companies make the United States the traditional surprise. “Times,” the article said, the three major U.S. tobacco companies have started two companies on the acquisition of the electronic cigarette and started to develop their own electronic cigarette products. Marlboro’s parent company Altria Group is by far still waiting to see, but analysts expect the tobacco giant will soon be action.

True shape of electronic cigarette smoke, businesses often be advertised as “smoking cessation aides.” Within its metal tube containing a lithium battery smoke, nicotine solution boxes, sprayers, etc. When using a dilute solution of nicotine through the human body after inhalation nebulizer. Many products offer strawberries, bananas, chocolate, butter, and other “flavors” to choose from.

NJOY As an industry pioneer, the current market share reached 30%. It claims their products are the industry’s “gold standard.” Disposable electronic cigarette in “The King” for example, it is a high degree of simulation, there is a faint smell of tobacco, will be issued when inhaled tobacco combustion crackle, but also the release of smoke, falling ash. The filter is made of soft, extrudable material, but it does not stay in the smoke produced clothing and hair.

“We hired a famous teacher from North Carolina tobacco flavors, so our unique electronic cigarette odor, very welcome,” NJOY Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Beaver said, “Our products, from the mouth to feel the texture, feelings are equivalent to smoking cigarettes, but the exclusion of all the things you do not like. ”

Beaver said NJOY goal is to make the industry “responsible business”, and that this sense of responsibility into the mainstream industry. He said, NJOY not sell their products to minors, in addition to the production of other foreign non mint flavors, a set of “self-restraint” regulations.

2, is not harmless

Currently, the electronic cigarette manufacturers have not been asked to list the ingredients contained in the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette tobacco taste Thomas Geake Las Association is an active advocate of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette, he said nothing more than the ingredients contained nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and other spices, including propylene glycol common foods in the United States. Vada Las think propylene glycol is a “stimulus” and stressed that the above components themselves may be harmless, “Taken together they may be harmful.”

Geake Las electronic cigarette Association, said many stores have measures to encourage recycling. In NJOY, for example, it introduced preferential services to the users of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette waste recycling 8 will receive a new electronic cigarette.

3, help to quit smoking?

Many popular electronic cigarette causes, the most important is the effect of poor traditional smoking cessation methods.

A recent study published in the medical journal “Tobacco Control” shows that many alternatives, such as quitting smoking through nicotine gum, but after a few years will relapse. Previously, many studies have shown that chewing gum may be effective in the short term to quit, but in the long run, a great possibility of relapse.

Another common method is to quit taking the Pfizer pharmaceutical company’s Chantix. This is an aid to smoking cessation has approved the listing of prescription drugs, but may lead to patients and depression, increased risk of suicide.

In contrast, many old smokers said that since the change smoking electronic cigarette, they gradually get rid of dependence on ordinary cigarette. From Virginia Registered Nurse Brenda Smith, “smoked” for decades, 18 months ago after a friend recommended he began to suck electronic cigarette. Since then, she gradually reduce smoking, reduced from a pack a day to 10 a day, then completely quit cigarettes.

“So far good results, while cigarette smoking feel better than ever, but this is a long process,” Smith said, “I just need to have something sucking mouth, this will help me quit smoking, electronic cigarette to me very clearly helpful. “now, when she was only a social or smoking electronic cigarette after a hard day, sometimes for several days does not suck.

It was pointed out, does not allow smoking electronic cigarette smokers to get rid of nicotine addiction. In this regard, NJOY Beaver argued: “We do not say that nicotine is not addictive, our products are sold to those who are already addicted to nicotine.”

4, urging regulators

Food and Drug Administration Center spokesperson Jennifer tobacco products, said Harry Chomsky, the Authority is considering a special category of tobacco product regulation, scheduled for April released for public discussion. This requirement will have electronic cigarette constraints, such as printing new warning label, producing a variety of flavors to prohibit, restrict advertising, raise taxes, control nicotine intake and labeled with ingredients

New Zealand health officials said the safety of electronic cigarettes

New Zealand health officials said the safety of electronic cigarette liquid

According to information from the U.S. tobacco industry communications network, recently, officials of the New Zealand health sector shows that consumers use tobacco products and electronic cigarettes smoked tobacco products compared to the ordinary safer (FAR SAFER).
According to local media, the news that the government health department to declare the electronic cigarette, has been recognized by a company called END SMOKING Tobacco Control Foundation, Dr. MURRAY LAUGESEN, according to reports, Dr. MURRAY LAUGESEN told through the use of electronic cigarette smokers smoking cessation products for in-depth investigation.
However, the New Zealand government health department said they also electronic cigarette products for safety tests.

AliExpress ban electronic cigarettes must pay fifty thousand two access Margin

AliExpress ban electronic cigarettes must pay fifty thousand two access Margin — e liquid nicotine

AliExpress: electronic cigarette sales soared after the lifting of the ban, two access have to pay 50,000 bond
Electronic cigarette has a huge market potential in Europe, China sellers have been eyeing for this market.
Ever since March of this year, Ali cross-border electronic business platform “AliExpress” announced that for the “ban restricted catalog,” where “electronic cigarettes and accessories” from the original moratorium to limit the sale, selling fast through the publication number and the number of transactions on electronic cigarette products have been on the rise.
AliExpress: electronic cigarette sales soared after the lifting of the ban, two access have to pay 50,000 bond
From the current data, the electronic cigarette rapid development in the global market, especially in European markets, France, the United States and Russia alone accounts for nearly half of which market share.
AliExpress: electronic cigarette sales soared after the lifting of the ban, two access have to pay 50,000 bond
AliExpress: electronic cigarette sales soared after the lifting of the ban, two access have to pay 50,000 bond
AliExpress consider the electronic cigarette industry is a special industry, so AliExpress aspects require any member wants to announce such products, the relevant authority must be opened. The rapid development of the first phase of the seller, the seller has some access to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover. Today, the electronic cigarette two open access, effective immediately receive relevant access applications.
AliExpress pointed out, you want to apply for the sale of electronic cigarette sellers need to prepare for audit-related information, including but not limited to: “business license”, corporate identity, purchase channels proof. While pay 50,000 yuan deposit, while the need to sign and comply with “electronic cigarette AliExpress restricted membership undertaking”, and released Electronice Cigarettes electronic cigarette and accessories businesses must join “leave a compensable three” services.
It is reported that this application form to register online, AliExpress platform to access material will be sent by mail to the seller after the seller filled out before submitting to the platform by mail. After approval, the seller must sign the agreement and apply online deposit payment, after receipt of notification to the opening of access to the information required in accordance with open and release products.
Speed ​​sell generic information and handle the audit by the margin after the opening of the general 5-7 business days to release privileges; electronic cigarette products as a platform restricted product, the electronic cigarette only meet the entry criteria of the seller before the sale, without opening the seller, not unauthorized release of such products, otherwise it will be punished in accordance with the rules of the platform; Meanwhile, it is recommended to submit the same company responsible person designated by the registration to avoid duplicate submission multiplayer enrollment phenomenon. Finally, the current electronic cigarette limited access to places, so sellers need to apply as soon as possible.

Internet marketing and e-commerce have anything! ?

Internet marketing and e-commerce have anything! ? — e liquid nicotine

Everyone on the internet marketing and e-commerce in terms of these two words, network marketing and e-commerce are deeply known by people, many people will understand Internet marketing is to sell things online, then e-commerce it! ? That does not also sell things online Well, then, why use two words to distinguish the same kind of behavior it! ? They in the end what kind of similarities, or is that online marketing and e-commerce, what kind of relationship! ? I say to you a detailed look, so that we recognize the relationship between online marketing and e-commerce.

Network Marketing

On such a network marketing network marketing him that he is mainly spread through various channels, the Internet, a variety of methods to do, by doing brand communication in the network, a variety of advertising all kinds of marketing, network marketing mainly to do is put user to a designated place, such a purpose through the website or some platforms to achieve transformation, the popular network marketing to do that is to be transformed users, the problem is not transformed after the main range of the network marketing involved. At the same time can also be combined with online marketing and offline marketing activities.


It involves a range of e-commerce will be extended to such a stage of completed transactions, delivery of goods, as well as after-sales service will be one of the core issues of e-commerce. E-commerce is the meaning of electronic trading, its scope is the whole process a transaction, and marketing is not the same.

Range difference

Scope of their online marketing and e-commerce involved is not the same, network marketing is to take people to a designated place, if you want to follow him to do things he did, then this is called transformation, network marketing major promotion is the network transformation methods such as speaking users, network marketing is such a major range. The e-commerce is not the same, it also needs the publicity and promotion methods, but he is still involved in the sale and delivery of the range of issues, not to say that online marketing does not involve the sale, but online marketing and e-commerce are concerned, he had sent and the attitude of the sale have the exact difference.

Core difference

Internet marketing focus is to prepare it before marketing and web promotion work, different network marketing and e-commerce, online marketing strategy will involve a lot or a strategic issue, and internet marketing can be said to be the main one led process the transaction, regardless of whether a deal is to facilitate transactions belong to him, e-commerce, too, but he is more to network marketing than a little deeper. Can be understood as a network marketing is constantly contributed to facilitate e-commerce transactions contributed.

Electronic cigarette industry special report: As a huge space for development of tobacco substitutes

Ecig Battery industry special report: As a huge space for development of tobacco substitutes
   The rapid development of electronic cigarette: Electronic cigarettes through several generations of development, has basically the same shape and traditional cigarette, tastes can achieve diversification, while the smokeless electronic cigarette tar, less harm to the human body. Electronic cigarette smoking habits to meet people while reducing the damage to the human body. Since 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against FDA banned the sale of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes sold in the United States began, the United States often is the trend of the guide, is expected to electronic cigarettes as a fashion commodity would be welcome.
     Electronic cigarette market is huge: expected 2013 global sales of electronic cigarette 300 million (equivalent to 60 billion cigarettes), accounting for the entire tobacco about 0.1%, calculated in accordance with growth of 100% in the coming years, to in 2015, the proportion of the entire cigarette electronic cigarette market is still only 0.38%, the electronic cigarette for smoking cessation or whether alternatives to conventional cigarettes, all have huge room for growth. Currently focused on sales of electronic cigarettes in the United States, once the markets in Europe, China and other regions of open, electronic cigarette sales will further increase.
     Electronic cigarette price advantage is obvious: in the global cigarette prices only a few countries is lower than China, the electronic cigarette is currently in China with traditional cigarette prices were flat, while the American and European countries for tobacco control, levy heavy taxes on tobacco, the tobacco prices far higher than the electronic cigarette, for example, in Norway, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes ordinary price up 93 yuan, more than three times the price of electronic cigarette, from an economic point of view, more cost-effective electronic cigarette smoke in most countries.
     Electronic cigarette battery market is small, it is difficult to attract short-term lithium giants to enter: Although the rapid development of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette batteries but price is not high, the price of each electronic cigarette battery at around $ 4, according to 2013 300 000 000 e-cigarette demand market calculations, the electronic cigarette battery market size of 1.2 billion yuan, the market size of the lithium in the whole accounting for about 1%, on the other hand the electronic cigarette battery manufacturing gross margin level is only about 20% of the market size and profitability from the point of view the recent electronic cigarette lithium battery industry giants are not available in large attractive in the short term will not enter this industry giant lithium, thus avoiding vicious competition in the industry may be, the electronic cigarette battery will maintain a stable gross margin level within a certain time.
     Subject Company: Wei Li billion is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette batteries, the first half of 2013 the company expects earnings growth between 50-55% in the fourth quarter of this year the company electronic cigarette battery capacity will reach 850,000 a day, will be alleviate the shortage of electronic cigarette battery situation to some extent, the new production capacity in 2014 all put out 85% of batteries are used in accordance with the electronic cigarette, capacity utilization was 85% in 2014 electronic cigarette company to reach 230 million of output branch, based on the 2012 growth will be further strides, which led to the company’s growth.
     Risk Warning: Electronic cigarettes are still harmful to health, the effect is currently no data to support smoking cessation. Electronic cigarettes are still regulated by the FDA, the FDA issued a new policy to stop smoking electronic cigarette selling

Electronic cigarette: Shenzhen and anxiety leading

Electronic cigarette: Shenzhen and anxiety leading —best mechanical mod

Since March, the country’s most stringent control of Shenzhen started smoking regulations. For smokers, whether there is an alternative to the transition or buffer? The new technology can solve this old problem?

Tennessee Mr. David said, perhaps, “Electronic cigarette is one of the options, Shenzhen has been leading!” In the reporter’s personal experiences overseas call, he tells, “In 2009, my girlfriend the electronic cigarette for Christmas a gift for me just put it as the beginning of a new toy, then slowly release the smell of smoke was found that almost negligible, even polluted air can be pumped nor will in the bedroom. ”

Reuters statistics show that more than 95 percent in Shenzhen to provide electronic cigarette worldwide to explore in this area in the lead. In the Chinese market, electronic cigarettes difficult, there are no industry standards. 30-year-old salesman in Shanghai Ouyang his wife pregnant at the time, starting from the smoke into electronic cigarettes, but this practice is not common in China, even though China is the world’s R & D base in Shenzhen, the electronic cigarette.

China Overseas popular invention

Mr. David United States is electronic cigarette users, but also the electronic cigarette distributor. He said that the electronic cigarette is a new environmentally friendly products, he is very optimistic about its prospects. According to the survey, there are about 250 million people worldwide use the electronic cigarette. Statistics of distribution channels in the electronic cigarette sales, the sales of traditional stores accounted for about 56%, while sales of tobacco shops and online market accounted for only 20%.

Shenzhen R & D of electronic cigarettes, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration certification. But in China, the medical profession is quite controversial electronic cigarette, there is no clear industry standard, it is difficult to define in law, and therefore can only sell electronic cigarettes online, most of the exports. China’s cigarette market is 1.2 trillion yuan of scale, electronic cigarette tip of the iceberg, the future is still a question whether the expansion.

Will outsell traditional cigarettes

Some analysts predict that the electronic cigarette could within a decade sold more than traditional cigarettes.

In the United States,2009-2012 between electronic cigarettes in the U.S. market with an annual rate of 115 percent, this year may reach 240 percent growth. It is estimated that by 2017, the global electronic cigarette market can grow five times to $ 100 billion.

But the Chinese medical profession more cautious. Theoretically speaking, electronic cigarettes should be encouraged, environmental protection and does not endanger the health of others, but there is not enough scientific evidence to show electronic cigarettes must be good. British Medical Association also criticized the lack of long-term scientific evidence can not prove the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. In Singapore and Brazil, the electronic cigarette is prohibited.

When the electronic cigarette for the first time in the domestic debut in 2010, is being promoted as a smoking cessation product. However, because at that time many manufacturers, immature technology, product mixed. Short time, received various complaints of consumers, and some battery explosion, and some suck mouthful of oil, and some electronic cigarette smoked after the start of nausea, dizziness guilty.

Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Zhuo Meirui Outflow told reporters, electronic cigarette seasonal obvious difference between the number of workers can be doubled. The advent of the short season, depending on government policies. Once a country’s open policy, then the electronic cigarette will usher in the spring; once the policy closed, the electronic cigarette industry will enter the “ice age.”

王云武 Shenzhen AHK Technology Co., Ltd. of another argument. He said the electronic cigarette sales in the country is not good, is not consistent with the major traditional Chinese culture. Chinese people always meet greeting scattered smoke, in order to avoid misunderstandings, open topic. Most of the electronic cigarette is recyclable, an electronic cigarette cost than traditional cigarettes, loose tobacco is not suitable for culture.

More than four times the price difference at home and abroad

The foreign tobacco chiefs, have spotted an attractive prospect electronic cigarette. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported that Imperial Tobacco will launch this year, the first electronic cigarette brand in order to confront with old rival BAT. The latter has been introduced in last year’s first electronic cigarette VYPE. In the UK, consumer electronic cigarettes doubled, while in 2012 700 000, to 2013 growth of about 1.3 million.

With the smoking ban in Shenzhen and other places have been issued, the electronic cigarette market has great potential. It is said that China has 300 million smokers. 2012 China had 246 million burning cigarettes. Increasingly strict smoking ban, the domestic market, the electronic cigarette may have to open arms. Mr. Shanghai Ouyang said, “As more and more places ban smoking, I found myself drawn more and more electronic cigarette.” Not only did he start pumping electronic cigarette, he also began selling electronic cigarettes come from, from the original the single-minded export into the development of the domestic market.

Shenzhen gathered to develop electronic cigarette manufacturer, producing about 95% of the worldwide electronic cigarette. However, to be able to stand the world, open up a new industry, you need to answer two questions: harmless to health electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette safety.

World-renowned companies such as British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, has been the introduction of China’s electronic cigarette. They ordered a $ 2 electronic cigarette produced in Shenzhen, the developed countries to sell $ 10 each. Faced with such huge profits, Shenzhen enterprises as his own, no longer follow the “OEM” formula.

Shenzhen AHK Technology Co., Ltd. 王云武 said, “Many industry insiders believe that the possibility of future electronic cigarette tobacco control and unified management company great.” This trend for large enterprises, is good news, the electronic cigarette market standardization institutionalized, make them more stable forward. But for small and medium enterprises, it may only be acquired or declare bankruptcy.

Position in the acquirer, David hopes the Chinese market more standardized, transparent and fair. They import of electronic cigarettes in Shenzhen, when you do not have to worry about always buy quality, but off the “cottage” products.

The researchers said the electronic cigarette could save millions of lives

The researchers said the best mechanical mod could save millions of lives

Summary: Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) began to develop a plan for electronic cigarette tobacco with ordinary similar regulatory. However, an international organization composed of researchers from more than 50 of the WHO hopes to change this idea. It is reported that the organization has sent a letter to the WHO, told the people there, if vigorously against electronic cigarettes, then will allow millions of people lost the opportunity to live out.
The researchers said the electronic cigarette could save millions of lives

Researchers from the University of London, Robert West, said: “For the WHO identified with other electronic cigarettes as tobacco, there are hazards to humans this statement is not accurate, it will give millions are using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking convey erroneous information. would make (other) electronic cigarette smokers give up trying, we will miss in reducing the number of deaths from smoking worldwide. ”

In October this year, WHO will hold a meeting on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. According to leaked documents have been informed that the regulation of electronic cigarettes has also been put on the agenda of the meeting.

The researchers said that since the UN wants to reduce smoking rates in the world, then they should not stop the popularity of electronic cigarettes, but rather so backwards.

It is reported that members of the international research organizations from multiple sectors, including universities, pharmaceutical research center, a comprehensive Medical Association, some even on the inner workings of the WHO.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers – to teach you how to successfully quit smoking – electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette manufacturers – to teach you how to successfully quit smoking – best mechanical mod

Electronic cigarette manufacturers – to teach you how to successfully quit smoking electronic cigarette investment, the price of electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette manufacturers reported that in addition to quitting smoking is wary of magic, but also a scientific routine, after all, physical withdrawal syndrome needs food, quit after recovering the body needs conditioning smoke. Approach is:

1, stick to their fitness program, at the end of this year reduced 85kg! I height 182cm, weight 97kg, sweat ah ~ ~ ~ Oh, rebound last year, was once 88kg. Electronic cigarette Merchants every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and anaerobic equipment. Not only for strength training, more important is to build muscle endurance and flexibility. Retard aging bones, prevent fractures. Electronic cigarette prices every Tuesday, Thursday and aerobic exercise. Either treadmill, or exercise bike, every 40 to 50 minutes. Electronic cigarette wholesale on Saturday, playing basketball. Now is the recovery period, the first train yourself, about who the team began a few weeks before the 36th birthday restored to the level of 50% of 20-year-old! (There are six months! Oh, after the 20-year-old never systematic training for 16 years, played the ball up to 15 times a year, not sharing time now, so I quit to restore confidence came back! Haha) 2 electronic cigarette manufacturers, Pu’er ripe tea detoxification. This is the first few days of quitting successfully, I have to let the body of toxins, so drink Pu’er ripe tea, cooked tea has sedative effect because caffeine and theophylline are few, but also to promote the metabolism and excretion. Personally feel pretty good, relatively cool drinking, tea process can also self-cultivation.

3, reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. It is said that the body will make a variety of symptoms during smoking cessation restructuring, I really do not really matter, anyway, his fitness program also requires proper diet. I am against dieting Merchants electronic cigarette! To quit smoking health and health and fitness, as long as dinner eat or not eat carbohydrates (rice, pasta), eat more vegetables and lean protein on OK. Breakfast and lunch does not matter, with Haojiu Hang. Electronic cigarette manufacturers dieting will only make you more hungry, hunger will mobilize all functions in your body to absorb food, all the nutrients in the water, make you more fat! Electronic cigarette Agents

4, the direct jump out of the quitting process, strong psychological hint – I do not smoke. Get smoke do not smoke, do not die! After dinner smoke do not smoke, do not die! Drink and smoke do not smoke, do not die! After exercise do not smoke, do not die! Colleagues fuming directly despise him: “! I do not smoke.”

Hypertension is really so terrible?

Hypertension is really so terrible?

Hypertension is really so terrible? Shenzhen best mechanical mod manufacturers give you Weapon Remember, all of our heart-healthy lifestyle is good for the blood pressure is also good.
◎ eat healthy. Develop and implement a healthy eating plan, you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and reduces the already elevated blood pressure. Eat more fruits, vegetables and low-fat foods. Eat fresh vegetables every day not less than 400 g, 100 to 200 grams of fruit. The saturated fatty acids and cholesterol as kick your recipe.

◎ reduce salt intake. Daily salt intake should be gradually reduced to six grams. The so-called six grams of salt, the upcoming regular beer cap after removing the pad, a flat amount of salt cover. The amount of salt, including the amount of salt, cooking salt and other foods are converted into sodium. Appropriate to reduce sodium intake can help lower blood pressure, reduce body of water and sodium retention.

◎ maintain a healthy weight. With the rise in blood pressure is the degree of obesity increases the. Reduction of 5 kg of body weight can reduce a lot of blood. This is very effective for those who are already overweight and obese hypertensive terms. In addition, once a person began to appear overweight, then the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and he will be greatly increased.

◎ keep moving. Physical exercise can help control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease too. At least you should walk it every day!

◎ limit alcohol. Drinking too much, blood pressure rises, while also damage the liver, brain and heart.

◎ stop smoking. Make every effort to quit smoking! Smoking can damage your blood vessel walls, accelerated atherosclerosis. Do not tell us you argue that there is a filter-tipped cigarettes, that thing did not work. If you smoke, stop now. If you do not smoke, and that is really good, in the future please continue to keep a distance from cigarettes. Once you stop smoking, your risk of heart disease will be reduced. Stop smoking, you will get a lot.

The reason why some people feel hard to quit smoking because they are always suspect, always waiting for some sign to prove their success. So, absolutely do not question your decision, because you are very clear that the decision to quit is correct. If you start questioning, you will find yourself in a dilemma —- not smoking will make you pain, smoking will make you more pain. No matter what you use to quit smoking law, what is the ultimate purpose? Longer smoke? Of course not! Although many smokers stop smoking, but life is tormented sense of deprivation. Between smokers and non-smokers, what is the essential difference? Non-smokers do not need to do not want to smoke, they do not have cravings, but also do not need to rely on willpower to suppress cravings. Such is the state you are pursuing, and you can reach. You do not have to wait cravings disappear, because since last cigarette extinguished the moment, you are a happy non-smoker you will always be a happy non-smokers, as long!:

1, you never questioned the decision to quit smoking.

2, you do not wait for yourself to become non-smokers, because the process of change has already happened. Wait only lead to fear.

3, do not you wait? Revelatory moment?, Smoking will not intentionally forget a thing. Otherwise it will only cause fear.

4, you do not use stop smoking alternatives.

5, you see the essence of all smokers, pity them rather than envy them.

6, both living at high tide or low, you will not change your life for the single reason to quit smoking. If you attempt to do so, it will become a sacrifice to quit. Remember, you did not give up anything, on the contrary, you get rid of a terrible mental illness, broke a sinister trap. Your health will gradually recover, the climax of life will be happier, the trough will not so unbearable.

7, whenever you think of when you smoke it, will think: yeah I’m a non-smoker!!