Hypertension is really so terrible?

Hypertension is really so terrible?

Hypertension is really so terrible? Shenzhen best mechanical mod manufacturers give you Weapon Remember, all of our heart-healthy lifestyle is good for the blood pressure is also good.
eat healthy. Develop and implement a healthy eating plan, you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and reduces the already elevated blood pressure. Eat more fruits, vegetables and low-fat foods. Eat fresh vegetables every day not less than 400 g, 100 to 200 grams of fruit. The saturated fatty acids and cholesterol as kick your recipe.

reduce salt intake. Daily salt intake should be gradually reduced to six grams. The so-called six grams of salt, the upcoming regular beer cap after removing the pad, a flat amount of salt cover. The amount of salt, including the amount of salt, cooking salt and other foods are converted into sodium. Appropriate to reduce sodium intake can help lower blood pressure, reduce body of water and sodium retention.

maintain a healthy weight. With the rise in blood pressure is the degree of obesity increases the. Reduction of 5 kg of body weight can reduce a lot of blood. This is very effective for those who are already overweight and obese hypertensive terms. In addition, once a person began to appear overweight, then the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and he will be greatly increased.

keep moving. Physical exercise can help control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease too. At least you should walk it every day!

limit alcohol. Drinking too much, blood pressure rises, while also damage the liver, brain and heart.

stop smoking. Make every effort to quit smoking! Smoking can damage your blood vessel walls, accelerated atherosclerosis. Do not tell us you argue that there is a filter-tipped cigarettes, that thing did not work. If you smoke, stop now. If you do not smoke, and that is really good, in the future please continue to keep a distance from cigarettes. Once you stop smoking, your risk of heart disease will be reduced. Stop smoking, you will get a lot.

The reason why some people feel hard to quit smoking because they are always suspect, always waiting for some sign to prove their success. So, absolutely do not question your decision, because you are very clear that the decision to quit is correct. If you start questioning, you will find yourself in a dilemma —- not smoking will make you pain, smoking will make you more pain. No matter what you use to quit smoking law, what is the ultimate purpose? Longer smoke? Of course not! Although many smokers stop smoking, but life is tormented sense of deprivation. Between smokers and non-smokers, what is the essential difference? Non-smokers do not need to do not want to smoke, they do not have cravings, but also do not need to rely on willpower to suppress cravings. Such is the state you are pursuing, and you can reach. You do not have to wait cravings disappear, because since last cigarette extinguished the moment, you are a happy non-smoker you will always be a happy non-smokers, as long!:

1, you never questioned the decision to quit smoking.

2, you do not wait for yourself to become non-smokers, because the process of change has already happened. Wait only lead to fear.

3, do not you wait? Revelatory moment?, Smoking will not intentionally forget a thing. Otherwise it will only cause fear.

4, you do not use stop smoking alternatives.

5, you see the essence of all smokers, pity them rather than envy them.

6, both living at high tide or low, you will not change your life for the single reason to quit smoking. If you attempt to do so, it will become a sacrifice to quit. Remember, you did not give up anything, on the contrary, you get rid of a terrible mental illness, broke a sinister trap. Your health will gradually recover, the climax of life will be happier, the trough will not so unbearable.

7, whenever you think of when you smoke it, will think: yeah I’m a non-smoker!!

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