The researchers said the electronic cigarette could save millions of lives

The researchers said the best mechanical mod could save millions of lives

Summary: Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) began to develop a plan for electronic cigarette tobacco with ordinary similar regulatory. However, an international organization composed of researchers from more than 50 of the WHO hopes to change this idea. It is reported that the organization has sent a letter to the WHO, told the people there, if vigorously against electronic cigarettes, then will allow millions of people lost the opportunity to live out.
The researchers said the electronic cigarette could save millions of lives

Researchers from the University of London, Robert West, said: “For the WHO identified with other electronic cigarettes as tobacco, there are hazards to humans this statement is not accurate, it will give millions are using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking convey erroneous information. would make (other) electronic cigarette smokers give up trying, we will miss in reducing the number of deaths from smoking worldwide. ”

In October this year, WHO will hold a meeting on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. According to leaked documents have been informed that the regulation of electronic cigarettes has also been put on the agenda of the meeting.

The researchers said that since the UN wants to reduce smoking rates in the world, then they should not stop the popularity of electronic cigarettes, but rather so backwards.

It is reported that members of the international research organizations from multiple sectors, including universities, pharmaceutical research center, a comprehensive Medical Association, some even on the inner workings of the WHO.

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