Electronic cigarette: Shenzhen and anxiety leading

Electronic cigarette: Shenzhen and anxiety leading —best mechanical mod

Since March, the country’s most stringent control of Shenzhen started smoking regulations. For smokers, whether there is an alternative to the transition or buffer? The new technology can solve this old problem?

Tennessee Mr. David said, perhaps, “Electronic cigarette is one of the options, Shenzhen has been leading!” In the reporter’s personal experiences overseas call, he tells, “In 2009, my girlfriend the electronic cigarette for Christmas a gift for me just put it as the beginning of a new toy, then slowly release the smell of smoke was found that almost negligible, even polluted air can be pumped nor will in the bedroom. ”

Reuters statistics show that more than 95 percent in Shenzhen to provide electronic cigarette worldwide to explore in this area in the lead. In the Chinese market, electronic cigarettes difficult, there are no industry standards. 30-year-old salesman in Shanghai Ouyang his wife pregnant at the time, starting from the smoke into electronic cigarettes, but this practice is not common in China, even though China is the world’s R & D base in Shenzhen, the electronic cigarette.

China Overseas popular invention

Mr. David United States is electronic cigarette users, but also the electronic cigarette distributor. He said that the electronic cigarette is a new environmentally friendly products, he is very optimistic about its prospects. According to the survey, there are about 250 million people worldwide use the electronic cigarette. Statistics of distribution channels in the electronic cigarette sales, the sales of traditional stores accounted for about 56%, while sales of tobacco shops and online market accounted for only 20%.

Shenzhen R & D of electronic cigarettes, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration certification. But in China, the medical profession is quite controversial electronic cigarette, there is no clear industry standard, it is difficult to define in law, and therefore can only sell electronic cigarettes online, most of the exports. China’s cigarette market is 1.2 trillion yuan of scale, electronic cigarette tip of the iceberg, the future is still a question whether the expansion.

Will outsell traditional cigarettes

Some analysts predict that the electronic cigarette could within a decade sold more than traditional cigarettes.

In the United States,2009-2012 between electronic cigarettes in the U.S. market with an annual rate of 115 percent, this year may reach 240 percent growth. It is estimated that by 2017, the global electronic cigarette market can grow five times to $ 100 billion.

But the Chinese medical profession more cautious. Theoretically speaking, electronic cigarettes should be encouraged, environmental protection and does not endanger the health of others, but there is not enough scientific evidence to show electronic cigarettes must be good. British Medical Association also criticized the lack of long-term scientific evidence can not prove the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. In Singapore and Brazil, the electronic cigarette is prohibited.

When the electronic cigarette for the first time in the domestic debut in 2010, is being promoted as a smoking cessation product. However, because at that time many manufacturers, immature technology, product mixed. Short time, received various complaints of consumers, and some battery explosion, and some suck mouthful of oil, and some electronic cigarette smoked after the start of nausea, dizziness guilty.

Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Zhuo Meirui Outflow told reporters, electronic cigarette seasonal obvious difference between the number of workers can be doubled. The advent of the short season, depending on government policies. Once a country’s open policy, then the electronic cigarette will usher in the spring; once the policy closed, the electronic cigarette industry will enter the “ice age.”

Shenzhen AHK Technology Co., Ltd. of another argument. He said the electronic cigarette sales in the country is not good, is not consistent with the major traditional Chinese culture. Chinese people always meet greeting scattered smoke, in order to avoid misunderstandings, open topic. Most of the electronic cigarette is recyclable, an electronic cigarette cost than traditional cigarettes, loose tobacco is not suitable for culture.

More than four times the price difference at home and abroad

The foreign tobacco chiefs, have spotted an attractive prospect electronic cigarette. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported that Imperial Tobacco will launch this year, the first electronic cigarette brand in order to confront with old rival BAT. The latter has been introduced in last year’s first electronic cigarette VYPE. In the UK, consumer electronic cigarettes doubled, while in 2012 700 000, to 2013 growth of about 1.3 million.

With the smoking ban in Shenzhen and other places have been issued, the electronic cigarette market has great potential. It is said that China has 300 million smokers. 2012 China had 246 million burning cigarettes. Increasingly strict smoking ban, the domestic market, the electronic cigarette may have to open arms. Mr. Shanghai Ouyang said, “As more and more places ban smoking, I found myself drawn more and more electronic cigarette.” Not only did he start pumping electronic cigarette, he also began selling electronic cigarettes come from, from the original the single-minded export into the development of the domestic market.

Shenzhen gathered to develop electronic cigarette manufacturer, producing about 95% of the worldwide electronic cigarette. However, to be able to stand the world, open up a new industry, you need to answer two questions: harmless to health electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette safety.

World-renowned companies such as British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, has been the introduction of China’s electronic cigarette. They ordered a $ 2 electronic cigarette produced in Shenzhen, the developed countries to sell $ 10 each. Faced with such huge profits, Shenzhen enterprises as his own, no longer follow the “OEM” formula.

Shenzhen AHK Technology Co., Ltd. said, “Many industry insiders believe that the possibility of future electronic cigarette tobacco control and unified management company great.” This trend for large enterprises, is good news, the electronic cigarette market standardization institutionalized, make them more stable forward. But for small and medium enterprises, it may only be acquired or declare bankruptcy.

Position in the acquirer, David hopes the Chinese market more standardized, transparent and fair. They import of electronic cigarettes in Shenzhen, when you do not have to worry about always buy quality, but off the “cottage” products.

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