Internet marketing and e-commerce have anything! ?

Internet marketing and e-commerce have anything! ? — e liquid nicotine

Everyone on the internet marketing and e-commerce in terms of these two words, network marketing and e-commerce are deeply known by people, many people will understand Internet marketing is to sell things online, then e-commerce it! ? That does not also sell things online Well, then, why use two words to distinguish the same kind of behavior it! ? They in the end what kind of similarities, or is that online marketing and e-commerce, what kind of relationship! ? I say to you a detailed look, so that we recognize the relationship between online marketing and e-commerce.

Network Marketing

On such a network marketing network marketing him that he is mainly spread through various channels, the Internet, a variety of methods to do, by doing brand communication in the network, a variety of advertising all kinds of marketing, network marketing mainly to do is put user to a designated place, such a purpose through the website or some platforms to achieve transformation, the popular network marketing to do that is to be transformed users, the problem is not transformed after the main range of the network marketing involved. At the same time can also be combined with online marketing and offline marketing activities.


It involves a range of e-commerce will be extended to such a stage of completed transactions, delivery of goods, as well as after-sales service will be one of the core issues of e-commerce. E-commerce is the meaning of electronic trading, its scope is the whole process a transaction, and marketing is not the same.

Range difference

Scope of their online marketing and e-commerce involved is not the same, network marketing is to take people to a designated place, if you want to follow him to do things he did, then this is called transformation, network marketing major promotion is the network transformation methods such as speaking users, network marketing is such a major range. The e-commerce is not the same, it also needs the publicity and promotion methods, but he is still involved in the sale and delivery of the range of issues, not to say that online marketing does not involve the sale, but online marketing and e-commerce are concerned, he had sent and the attitude of the sale have the exact difference.

Core difference

Internet marketing focus is to prepare it before marketing and web promotion work, different network marketing and e-commerce, online marketing strategy will involve a lot or a strategic issue, and internet marketing can be said to be the main one led process the transaction, regardless of whether a deal is to facilitate transactions belong to him, e-commerce, too, but he is more to network marketing than a little deeper. Can be understood as a network marketing is constantly contributed to facilitate e-commerce transactions contributed.

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