Ecig Battery had become very popular in recent years, the fashion

In the United States, the electronic cigarette is very popular in recent years, annual sales of $ 400 million, is expected to exceed 10 years, cigarette consumption. Manufacturers claim that the electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional tobacco products, both to meet the needs of smokers smoke, and no damage to health.
1, had become the fashion
Earlier this year, the largest U.S. NJOY electronic cigarette company in a New York hotel sponsor a private party activities. Scene bristling a two-meter-tall electronic cigarette imitations, guests have posed for. During the meeting, they sip delicious caviar and cheese, while gracefully puff, smoking, of course, is the electronic cigarette.

Smoking electronic cigarette seems to have been regarded as a fashion New York smokers. A female guest said: “The benefits of smoking electronic cigarette that enjoy the pleasures of smoking without compromising the health.”

U.S. “Times” recently reported that sales of electronic cigarettes now, though, less than 1% of the U.S. 80 billion tobacco market, but strong growth in the past four years, doubling every year. American gothamist site reported that about 350 million people in the United States smoking electronic cigarette, annual sales reached $ 400 million. Some analysts predict that consumer electronics will exceed the cigarette smoke in 10 years.

Popular electronic cigarette tobacco companies make the United States the traditional surprise. “Times,” the article said, the three major U.S. tobacco companies have started two companies on the acquisition of the electronic cigarette and started to develop their own electronic cigarette products. Marlboro’s parent company Altria Group is by far still waiting to see, but analysts expect the tobacco giant will soon be action.

True shape of electronic cigarette smoke, businesses often be advertised as “smoking cessation aides.” Within its metal tube containing a lithium battery smoke, nicotine solution boxes, sprayers, etc. When using a dilute solution of nicotine through the human body after inhalation nebulizer. Many products offer strawberries, bananas, chocolate, butter, and other “flavors” to choose from.

NJOY As an industry pioneer, the current market share reached 30%. It claims their products are the industry’s “gold standard.” Disposable electronic cigarette in “The King” for example, it is a high degree of simulation, there is a faint smell of tobacco, will be issued when inhaled tobacco combustion crackle, but also the release of smoke, falling ash. The filter is made of soft, extrudable material, but it does not stay in the smoke produced clothing and hair.

“We hired a famous teacher from North Carolina tobacco flavors, so our unique electronic cigarette odor, very welcome,” NJOY Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Beaver said, “Our products, from the mouth to feel the texture, feelings are equivalent to smoking cigarettes, but the exclusion of all the things you do not like. ”

Beaver said NJOY goal is to make the industry “responsible business”, and that this sense of responsibility into the mainstream industry. He said, NJOY not sell their products to minors, in addition to the production of other foreign non mint flavors, a set of “self-restraint” regulations.

2, is not harmless

Currently, the electronic cigarette manufacturers have not been asked to list the ingredients contained in the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette tobacco taste Thomas Geake Las Association is an active advocate of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette, he said nothing more than the ingredients contained nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and other spices, including propylene glycol common foods in the United States. Vada Las think propylene glycol is a “stimulus” and stressed that the above components themselves may be harmless, “Taken together they may be harmful.”

Geake Las electronic cigarette Association, said many stores have measures to encourage recycling. In NJOY, for example, it introduced preferential services to the users of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette waste recycling 8 will receive a new electronic cigarette.

3, help to quit smoking?

Many popular electronic cigarette causes, the most important is the effect of poor traditional smoking cessation methods.

A recent study published in the medical journal “Tobacco Control” shows that many alternatives, such as quitting smoking through nicotine gum, but after a few years will relapse. Previously, many studies have shown that chewing gum may be effective in the short term to quit, but in the long run, a great possibility of relapse.

Another common method is to quit taking the Pfizer pharmaceutical company’s Chantix. This is an aid to smoking cessation has approved the listing of prescription drugs, but may lead to patients and depression, increased risk of suicide.

In contrast, many old smokers said that since the change smoking electronic cigarette, they gradually get rid of dependence on ordinary cigarette. From Virginia Registered Nurse Brenda Smith, “smoked” for decades, 18 months ago after a friend recommended he began to suck electronic cigarette. Since then, she gradually reduce smoking, reduced from a pack a day to 10 a day, then completely quit cigarettes.

“So far good results, while cigarette smoking feel better than ever, but this is a long process,” Smith said, “I just need to have something sucking mouth, this will help me quit smoking, electronic cigarette to me very clearly helpful. “now, when she was only a social or smoking electronic cigarette after a hard day, sometimes for several days does not suck.

It was pointed out, does not allow smoking electronic cigarette smokers to get rid of nicotine addiction. In this regard, NJOY Beaver argued: “We do not say that nicotine is not addictive, our products are sold to those who are already addicted to nicotine.”

4, urging regulators

Food and Drug Administration Center spokesperson Jennifer tobacco products, said Harry Chomsky, the Authority is considering a special category of tobacco product regulation, scheduled for April released for public discussion. This requirement will have electronic cigarette constraints, such as printing new warning label, producing a variety of flavors to prohibit, restrict advertising, raise taxes, control nicotine intake and labeled with ingredients

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