Overview of Care and maintenance of the ozone aging test

Overview of Care and maintenance of the ozone aging test — e liquid nicotine

In today’s society, market competition and product quality requirements, to promote the development of the ring test industry, the demand for ozone aging chamber is also growing, ring test industry also contributed to the improvement of material progress in the quality of products, is now our business has also been recognized that adaptive test products on the environment is an important means of improving product quality assessment, and test results is an important basis for improving the quality of products, and maintenance and maintenance of equipment is crucial, the following is care and maintenance methods.
1, ozone aging chamber must operate if the designated person, custody and maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the device.

2, Long-term use of the motor parts blowing means, wheel deceleration devices,

If abnormal noise and should be checked and cleaned regularly pay attention to refuel.

3, the device if the manifold, the ozone generator power, must ensure that the valve is open all the way, or else get out of gas, will result in discharge burn.

4, keep the tank clean appearance; prevent dust intrusion cabinet; After the test, the machine power off.

Ozone aging test is to ensure that the essential part of high-quality products, and maintenance of equipment, enabling it to extend the life more conducive to product testing to ensure its quality.

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